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Diamond Heat Sink—Power Semiconductor Material of Satellite Communication


With the development of communication, technology tends to extremely high frequency and large capacity and the key components like the signal receiver and the transmitted end on the communication satellite are required to work at a high frequency and high power. But traditional semiconductor materials such as Si and GaAs are difficult to do that. Diamond materials have become the best material options for high frequency high power applications due to broadband gap, high load migration rate, low agent constant, high Johnson indicator and Keyse indicator, etc. Therefore, it is also known as the fourth generation of semiconductor.


Studies have shown that diamond semiconductors will not be destroyed even under the high voltage of about 30 times the power of silicon semiconductors. It can continue to work. The heat dissipation performance is more than 10 times that of silicon. Its heat resistance and radiation resistance are also very strong. Diamond semiconductor is expected to become an indispensable component in artificial satellites and other equipment.


In order to enable diamond devices to have semiconductor properties, the research team adopted the method of spraying nitric oxide gas on diamond-based plates. Through the protection of aluminum oxide film, we achieved high-performance semiconductor devices. The research team also flattened the surface of the substrate through special grinding methods and made a lot of effort to reduce resistance. Although expensive diamonds were used during development, the cost of making diamonds may be significantly reduced with the advancement of technology.


Diamond semiconductor is expected to apply to communication equipment of artificial satellite. The existing semiconductor, easily affected by radiation, is prone to failure or degradation. Therefore, we use vacuum tube in satellite communication devices. If semiconductor is replaced with radiation-resistant diamond semiconductors, it can effectively use limited power in the universe. In addition, on the earth, diamond semiconductors may also become technologies that support the next generation of communication specifications “6G” and quantum computers.


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