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High thermal conductivity diamond plates are embedded in the front and back of the frame structure of each transceiver assembly of the antenna, and the interface is filled with conductive epoxy adhesive. The height difference between the fixed diamond plate and the frame is less than 100μm to meet the assembly accuracy. The above structure enables the accumulated heat of the T/R module to rapidly diffuse to the entire transceiver frame through the diamond film, thereby reducing the temperature gradient of the T/R module. In order to improve the electrical conductivity between the T/R component and the frame, the surface of the diamond film is plated with gold by controlled sputtering, and the bonding force between the conductive adhesive and the diamond film is enhanced at the same time.

The temperature levels and temperature gradients when using diamond are both 22°C lower than when using aluminum alloy material, showing a significant advantage of diamond. Due to a certain degree of discreteness in the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of aluminum-diamond materials, copper-diamond materials and high thermal conductivity bulk graphite, it is difficult to ensure that the metal and diamond powders are uniformly mixed during the manufacturing process, resulting in high internal stress. . And bulk graphite is also limited in high-precision machining and assembly of T/R components due to its low mechanical strength. Therefore, high thermal conductivity diamond has become the first choice to solve the problem of heat dissipation of satellite antennas.

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