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Ultra high thermal conductivity


High transmittance

High transmittance in UV, FIR, and microwave ranges

Super hardness

Outstanding hardness and scratch resistance

Customized services

Provide diamond flanges and surface coating

Single crystal diamond has excellent optical properties, with the widest transmittance spectrum ranging from 225nm in ultraviolet to 25 μm in infrared (excluding wavelengths of 1.8 μ m-2.5 μ m), as well as in the microwave range. The theoretical transmittance of single crystal diamond is as high as 71.6%, and the entire spectral band (ultraviolet, visible, infrared) is transparent and has an unusual high refractive index. The infrared transmittance of optical grade polycrystalline materials is over 68%, making it the most ideal optical window material.

At present, diamond optical windows are used for laser windows, microwave windows, missile windows/fairings, X-ray windows, microlenses, etc. For high-power applications, the excellent thermal conductivity of diamond, coupled with appropriate edge cooling, achieves effective heat dissipation, especially for brazed windows that can achieve low thermal resistance of vacuum flanges.


Diamond flange windows have the following characteristics:

1. Efficient sealing

Diamond has extremely high hardness, chemical stability, and thermal stability, making it an ideal sealing material. Especially in extreme environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and corrosiveness, diamond can provide excellent sealing effects.

2. Excellent wear resistance

Diamond has excellent wear resistance and can effectively resist friction and wear, extending the service life of seals.

3. Reduce friction coefficient

Diamond has a lower coefficient of friction, which can effectively reduce the frictional resistance of mechanical seals and reduce energy loss.

4. Reduce noise

Due to the excellent characteristics of CVD diamond, it can significantly reduce the noise of mechanical seals and improve the comfort of equipment operation.

Diamond Optics

Thermal conductivity (W/(m.K)): Single crystal>2000; Polycrystalline>1800

Thermal diffusion coefficient (cm ^ 2/s): 6.6; 8.2; 9.9

Thermal expansion coefficient (RT-700 ℃) (10-6K-1): 3.1962

Mohs hardness:>10


Single crystal>70% (@ 10.6um, 0.3mm thick);

Polycrystalline>65% (47mm thick);

Infrared absorption coefficient( cm-1@1.064um )Polycrystalline 0.3979~0.1871

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