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Compound Semiconductor (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2020, CSMH is a joint venture company based on cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing technologies with investments from China, Korea, and Singapore. We are equipped with advanced semiconductor production equipment to produce high-quality thermal grade diamond wafers, diamond heat sinks, GaN on diamond, Diamond on GaN, AlN on Sapphire, AlN on Diamond, and other products.

Strong R&D

    Our R&D strength ranks top in the world. We have a top international team with over 10 years of technology accumulation, gathering the world's top scientists and senior engineers in the field of semiconductors, and conquering key core technologies.

    We have two R&D centers in Xiamen and Seoul, Korea. The company has nearly 1000 of R&D base with the world’s leading R&D equipment. We have partner of Ajou University in Korea and the Semi Conductor Research Institute of Jimei University in China, established an independent intellectual property system, and applied for 20+ patents in total.

Production Capacity

The company's diamond and aluminum nitride products have been mass produced. We have built a production base of over 3,000 square meters in Xiamen. With the core process of preparing and processing large size, low cost and high quality diamond and aluminum nitride related products, CSMH has grown rapidly and its production capacity has increased dramatically.

Quality Control

    CSMH has passed ISO9001 quality management system and established a strict quality control system to ensure that the data of each step of the production line can be traced and controlled and provide customers products with stable performance and excellent quality.

    We have a complete range of international cutting-edge testing equipment for strictly control of the quality, such as SEM scanning electron microscope, AFM atomic force microscope, Raman spectrometer, TDTR, etc.

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