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Diamond Heat Sink- the First Choice for Chip Packaging


With the development of electronic packaging technology towards miniaturization, high density, multi-function and high reliability, the power density of electronic systems increases, and the heat dissipation problem becomes more and more serious. For electronic devices, the effective life of the device is usually reduced by 30% to 50% for every 10°C increase in temperature.


Therefore, the selection of appropriate packaging materials and processes to improve the device heat dissipation ability has become the technical bottleneck of the development of electronic devices. Among them, the selection of substrate material is the key link, which directly affects the cost, performance and reliability of the device. Commonly used substrate materials mainly include plastic substrate, metal substrate, ceramic substrate and composite substrate four categories. The thermal conductivity of diamond heat sink is 1000-2200W/ (m.k), which is an excellent packaging material for power electronics.


When using the diamond heat sink, the optical power output of semiconductor laser is increased by 25%, the thermal resistance is reduced by more than 45%, and the heat dissipation advantage is obvious.



For electronics, overall reliability depends on the hottest area of the chip rather than the average temperature. Diamond does not conduct electricity, but it can dissipate heat through phonon vibration. So it has the highest thermal diffusivity in the material industry. In particular, the diamond heat sink cannot stand temperature gradients and will average the temperature in real time (eliminating temperature differences). In other words, the hot spot in the diamond hot sink is difficult to exist after the chip is welded. The performance of the chip is not really determined by the average temperature, but by the tiny hot spots at the highest temperature. The area of the hot spot can be as few as a few dozen atoms, but the temperature represented by vibration frequency several times the average temperature. Therefore, the diamond heat sink can improve the power or speed of the chip, and the performance of the chip will not be damaged even if the average temperature rises. By eliminating hot spots with diamond, the CPU frequency can be greatly increased. If the power chip is welded in a diamond heat sink, the power may be doubled.


Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity at room temperature of any material. CSMH produces high-quality diamond heat sink that has thermal conductivity of 1000-2200W/ (m.k). The company can provide TC1200, TC1500, TC1800 and TC2000 and provide professional and reliable diamond thermal management solutions according to customer needs.

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