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Diamond Heat Sink——Born For Heat Dissipation


With the continuous development of electronic industry technology, the  design of electronic products tended to be multi-function which includes the high integration of electrons, heat  and structural functions. The size is getting smaller and smaller as the power of key components continues to increase. The highly integrated components inevitably generate considerable heat when working, which will increase the temperature of the working parts if they cannot be effectively dissipated in time. Excessive temperature will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, but also accelerate the aging  of the components or even cause the damage. Diamond heat sink has wide application value in electronic industry.


Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of any material at indoor temperature. And heat is a major reason for the malfunction  of electronic products. According to statistics, reducing the operation  junction temperature range by 10°C can double the device life. The thermal conductivity of diamond is 3 to 10 times higher than that of  common thermal management materials such as copper, silicon carbide and aluminum nitride. Besides, the lightweight, electrical insulation, mechanical strength, low toxicity and low permittivity make diamond  an excellent  heat dissipation materials.


Making full use of the  thermal properties of diamond can  easily cope with the "heat dissipation" problems faced by  electronic power, power devices, etc., and  achieve the goal of the enhancement of reliability and power density in smaller volume. Once the " heat dissipation " problem is solved, by effectively improving the performance of thermal management, it will also significantly improve the service life and power of semiconductor devices and  reduce operating costs.


Through the highly efficient precision machining method of diamond atomic-level surface by plasma assisted grinding and polishing, CSMH can reduce the surface roughness from tens of microns to less than 1nm for 2-inch diamond substrates. The technology has high removal efficiency and can achieve  atomically flat surfaces without sub-surface damage. At present, there are few  manufacturers with diamond metasurface polishing to Ra < 1nm and CSMH  has reached the international leading level.


To meet the requirements of the thermal conductivity between 1000 and 2200W/m.k, diamond heat sink  is the first choice and the only choice.  CSMH can customize thermal conductivity of products according to customer requirements. There are four  launched standard products   : TC1200, TC 1500, TC 1800 and TC2000. 为散热而生,金刚石热沉片!Diamond Heat Sink——For Heat Dissipation


The thickness of CSMH’s Diamond Heat Sink ranges from 200 microns to 2 mm. Our laser cutting and polishing capabilities provide our customers with geometry, surface smoothness and low roughness, and metallization to meet their specific requirements.


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