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CVD Diamond Heat Sink

Diamond has excellent properties such as wide band gap, high thermal conductivity, high breakdown field, high mobility value, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, etc. It plays an important role in the applications of high-power, high-frequency, and high temperature electronic devices and is regarded as one of the most promising wide-bandgap semiconductor materials at present.

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High Thermal Conductivity

1000-2000 W/m.K

Surface Roughness


Customized Size

10*10mm & More

Metallizable is available

Customized metallization on the diamond surface is available for metal bonding. 

Advantages of Diamond:

• Highest room temperature thermal conductivity of any material (up to 2000W/m.k)

• Growth face roughness Ra<1nm Low roughness with high flatness possible

• Electrically insulating

• Very low weight

• High mechanical strength

• Chemical inertness and low toxicity

• A wide range of thicknesses are available

• Broad range of diamond bonding solutions

Diamond is An Ideal Heat Spreader Material

Heat is the single biggest cause of failure in electronics. Statistically, reducing the operating junction temperature by 10°C can double a device lifetime. The high-power devices such as gallium nitride high electron mobility transistors (GaN HEMT) has been developed on silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) substrates. However, GaN-Si and GaN-SiC are still restricted by self-heating effects, resulting in low stability of the device performance. Diamond is known as the material with the highest room-temperature thermal conductivity of any material. Recently, CVD diamond outperforms today’s common materials for thermal management, such as copper, silicon carbide, and aluminum nitride, by factors of 3 to 10 times. With excellent properties such as low weight, electrical insulation, mechanical strength, low toxicity and low dielectric constant, CVD diamond is the optimal heat spreader for device and package designers.

Leveraging synthetic diamond’s unparalleled thermal properties will help to easily deal with the "heat dissipation" problems faced by today's electronic power and power devices, and achieve improved reliability and increased power density on a smaller footprint. Once the "thermal" problem is solved, by effectively improving the performance of thermal management, CVD diamond will also enable dramatic increases in lifetime and power of semiconductor devices, and at the same time, significantly reduce operating costs.

Diamond Heat Sink TC1200、TC 1500、TC 1800

  • Internationally leading technology to achieve high surface finish Ra < 1 nm

CSMH develops an efficient and precise machining method to reduce the surface roughness of 2-inch diamond substrates from tens of microns to less than 1nm, based on plasma-assisted polishing. This technique has a high removal efficiency, which can obtain atomically flat surfaces without leaving a rough surface with significant sub-surface damage. At present, CSMH has reached the international leading level to achieve high surface finish Ra < 1 nm.

  • High Thermal Conductivity:1000-2000 W/m.K

To meet the thermal conductivity requirements of 1000~2000W/m.k, diamond heat sink is the first choice and the only optional heat sink material. CSMH can customize the thermal conductivity according to customer requirements. Currently, three standard products have been launched: TC1200, TC 1500, TC 1800.

  • Customized Services on Thickness, Size and Shape 

CSMH can customize the CVD diamond with thicknesses from 200 to 1000 microns and in diameters up to 125 mm. CSMH’s laser cutting and polishing capabilities provide our customers the geometry, surface flatness, low roughness and metallization service that meet their specific requirements.

Typical Applications:

High-power RF Devices

• Base station RF amplifiers

• Satellite RF uplink amplifiers

• Microwave amplifiers

High-power Optoelectronics

• Laser diodes and laser diode arrays 

• Optical planar IC modules 

• High-brightness LEDs

High Voltage Power Devices

• Automotive sub systems

• Aerospace sub systems

• Energy distribution

• DC/DC converters

Semiconductor Equipment

• Characterization testing

• Die-attachment processes

Competitive Advantages In Applications:

High-power RF and Optoelectronics

Higher power at lower operating temperature

CVD diamond allows high-power RF and optoelectronic devices to: 

• Run at higher power levels without increasing junction operating temperature 

• Run at the same power level, but much cooler, thereby increasing lifetimes and reliability 

• Wide optical transmission enables CVD diamond heat spreaders to operate within an optical path, such as in laser cavities, without optical performance degradation

High-voltage Power Devices

Smaller, faster, high-voltage power systems

CVD diamond delivers:

• Improved reliability and increased efficiency by lowering device operating temperature 

• Reduced system weight and footprint

• Reduction or elimination of auxiliary cooling systems

Semiconductor Assembly and Test

Longer testing time and evenly attached die CVD diamond enables extended stress testing and characterization of semiconductor devices by maintaining lower devices temperatures. CVD diamond also ensures heat is rapidly and evenly spread across the entire semiconductor area during die attachment, delivering strong and reliable contact.

Compound Semiconductor Devices 

Using Diamond heat spreaders, the performance of advanced devices, such as those based on GaN, SiC, InP and GaAS, can be enhanced and their lifetimes extended.

Product nameDia- TC1200Dia - TC1500Dia - TC1800
Thickness tolerance+/- 5%+/- 5%+/- 5%
Growth face roughness (Ra)< 1 nm< 1 nm< 1 nm
Thermal conductivity(T.C)
@ 300K/m.K
Thermal expansion coefficient
(@ 300K (ppm K-1))
Thermal diffusivity(300K (cm2 s-1))>5.5>8.3>10.0
Specific heat capacity 300K (J kg-1 K-1)520520520
Hardness(GPa)81 ± 1881 ± 1881 ± 18
Fracture toughness (MPa m0.5)5.3 - 7.05.3 - 7.05.3 - 7.0
Young’s modulus (GPa)105010501050
Density (103 kg m-3)3.523.523.52
Resistivity Rv/Rs (Ω m101210121012
TTV< 15 μm< 15 μm< 15 μm
Bow< 30 μm< 30 μm< 30 μm
Warp< 100 μm< 100 μm< 100 μm

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