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One of the major issues limiting the performance of diode-pumped solid-state lasers is the ability to remove heat from the laser medium due to the absorption of pump energy. Since only a small fraction of the pump energy is converted to laser energy (typically less than 30%), most of the energy is absorbed and converted to heat, and if the heat is not effectively removed, the temperature of the laser medium rises, thus reducing the efficiency of the laser action.

The CVD diamond window is transparent at the pump wavelength and is polished to allow close contact with the laser-generating crystal. The thermal conductivity of diamond is about five times higher than that of copper and about two orders of magnitude higher than that of sapphire. This property effectively allows the diamond substrate (10 x 23 x 0.3mm3) to transfer the cooling effect of the water applied at the periphery to the central area of the plate. The thermal conductivity of the diamond substrate is so high that a very thin plate (0.3mm) is sufficient to efficiently transfer the heat generated in the laser plate.

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