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LED through its own heat transfer to poor heat dissipation capacity of the medium, such as packaging thermal conductive adhesive and silicon substrate belongs to the "point heat dissipation"; and after the application of diamond film as a heat dissipation layer using the high thermal conductivity of the diamond film can be LED heat quickly diffused into the entire diamond film, and then through the entire diamond film for thermal diffusion to the medium with which it is in contact.

The thermal conductivity of diamond is very high, so the heat generated by the LED lamp will be quickly transferred to the diamond to keep the LED at a low normal operating temperature. At this time, the heat gained by the diamond film is transferred to the copper substrate, and the heat of the copper substrate is dissipated by the loss of the dielectric. This heat dissipation substrate not only has higher heat dissipation efficiency, but also reduces the production cost and has higher cost performance.

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