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The diamond microchannel heat sink in the radar assembly uses a diamond material with a thermal conductivity of up to 2KW/(m-K). By designing the structural form of high-efficiency microchannels, the microchannel increases the heat exchange area and adopts an architectural system of direct sealing and thermal expansion with the power chip, which can meet the heat dissipation requirements of power components with heat flow density greater than 1KW/(m-K).

A femtosecond laser processing system was used to optimize the process parameters in the internal area of the diamond, and the microgroove array has good dimensional consistency. The microgroove array was inspected by micron X-ray 3D imaging system, and the consistency of the microgroove cross-section was good, and the taper of the cross-section sidewall was controlled within 3°, and there were no cracks and other defects, which can meet the requirements of diamond heat sink microfluidic channels for radar ultra-high heat flow density components.

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