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Diamond wafers help upgrade unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)  technology


Unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV)  are developing towards diversification, intelligence, and lightweight, but this also means that upgrades are needed for unmanned power systems, flight control systems, and heat dissipation designs. The application of new materials will be one of the main ways to upgrade technology. Diamond has ultra-high thermal conductivity (1000-2200W/(m · K)), low thermal expansion coefficient (3.1962 × 10-6/K, RT-700 ℃), and low dielectric constant (5.68), making it the preferred material for high-power, high-frequency, and low-power electronic device technology iteration and upgrading.


1. Solar cell

Once successful, this research will have global leadership in charging solar cells by emitting lasers from diamonds. Placing diamond directly in front of the laser source can convert low-power laser diodes into beams of consistent and parallel light, which can extend for hundreds of meters. Diamond is an excellent thermal conductor and transparent to light. They can absorb high-density laser beams that generate a large amount of heat and dissipate this heat, allowing more energy to pass through.


2. Electric adjustment

Electric modulation has a "current control" function, and the internal circuit of the electric modulation has a set of MOSFET tubes ("power tubes"), using diamond materials, which will greatly improve the control ability.


3. Chip

The use of diamond heat sink chips has a much lower operating temperature than typical chips, which will greatly improve the lifespan and performance of the chips.


4. Sensor

The sensitivity and range of the magnetometer were greatly improved by using the nitrogen vacancy center of diamond (an atomic defect with nitrogen atoms located near the vacancy) to detect the magnetic field. Tests showed that the sensitivity of the magnetometer was 10 times higher than that of the prototype.

5. Diamond gyroscope

Russia has invented a device that is ten times more sensitive than most existing unmanned aerial vehicle space navigation gyroscopes, based on diamonds with specific color centers (these are defects in the diamond lattice that can absorb light radiation; if diamond is transparent, it will not absorb radiation).


The excellent thermal, optical, and semiconductor properties of diamond will enable UAV to have stronger radar sensing capabilities, sensitivity, high endurance, and low power consumption.


CSMH is committed to the production and research and development of diamond materials, and is fully promoting technological upgrades in fields such as UAV, aerospace, radar, medical equipment, power semiconductors, and new energy vehicles. Its core products include diamond heat sinks, diamond wafers, diamond windows, diamond heterojunction integrated composite substrates, etc. The thermal conductivity of diamond heat sinks reaches 1000-2200W/(m · K). Please feel free to inquire.


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