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Application of optical grade diamond wafer in infrared window


The infrared guidance and tracking weapons and equipment working in the infrared window area ( 10.6 μm ) are inseparable from the infrared thermal imaging system. The infrared optical window ( fairing ) is an important component of the infrared thermal imaging system, which plays a role in isolating the atmosphere, protecting the internal structure and transmitting infrared signals. The extremely harsh working environment requires that the infrared optical window as a fairing must simultaneously meet the performance of high strength, high thermal conductivity, high optical transmittance, low optical spontaneous emissivity, sand erosion and rain erosion resistance, and thermal shock resistance. Compared with other materials, diamond has become the best material for infrared optical window applications due to its good mechanical, thermal, optical, chemical and physical stability. As early as 1999, the preparation of diamond infrared head-up was realized abroad, as shown in Figure 4 ( c ). However, the polishing of the diamond infrared hood is also an extremely difficult task, so that Raytheon failed to find a way to accurately control the surface forming.


However, as an excellent surface material, diamond film has infrared anti-reflection properties and is also a good anti-reflection film material for infrared windows. In addition, the high thermal conductivity and wear resistance of diamond can also protect the infrared window from external shocks. Therefore, plating diamond film on the surface of infrared window completely solves various problems of infrared window application in military aerospace field.

 CSMH focuses on the research and production of diamond wafers. At present, it has diamond wafers, diamond heat sinks, GaN on diamond, AlN on diamond and other products. Among them, high-power semiconductor lasers packaged by diamond heat sinks have been used in optical communications. In the fields of laser diodes, power transistors, and electronic packaging materials, it can provide customers with diamond thermal management solutions.

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